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Windows contribute to a home’s energy efficiency. The largest source of heat loss and gain in a house is the windows. Quality windows can reduce energy cost by 15%.

MAKI’s SWS division in Gardner, MA manufactures vinyl windows, replacement and new construction windows and vinyl architectural shapes. In our SWS facility we manufacture windows with four factors in mind: COST | PERFORMANCE | DURABILITY | APPEARANCE

MAKI’s also carries a full line of quality Marvin & Integrity windows, Lincoln wood windows, Velux skylights and Signature Doors accent windows in many shapes & designs. 

Windows are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Create a kitchen as unique as you are! At Maki’s we offer quality kitchen cabinets from a number of cabinet makers. Our vendors include: Schrock Cabinetry | Merillat | Aristokraft Cabinetry | Tru-Wood Cabinets, Inc. | Armstrong | Omega Cabinetry

Schrock Cabinetry, Merillat, Aristokraft Cabinetry and Armstrong offer a design planner you can use to create your own kitchen layout.

MAKI’s can provide you with design and consulting services, in-home measuring, delivery and installation of your new kitchen cabinets. Our SWS countertop shop in Gardner, MA manufactures custom fit solid surface and laminate countertops for a professional finish.

Kitchens are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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New materials, colors and options keep this product line sizzling.

At MAKI's we offer a wide variety of roofing options. The well known classic look of asphalt fiberglass shingles from GAF and Owens Corning; EcoStar's colorful and decorative synthetic slate and shake roofing products; durable, beautiful and long lasting metal roofing from Fabral and Metal Sales;  Huber's state-of-the-art ZIP System roof (a structural panel with a built-in moisture resistive barrier); the no frills International Diamond Systems premium bonding spray adhesive roofing.

When choosing a roof, consider how the style and color you select will look with the changes you'll make in the future. This includes changes to the siding, windows, paint, trim & architectural accents. After all, your roof can be up to 50% of your home's exterior. So its an essential part of your home's overall curb appeal.

Roofing is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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A beautiful entrance door makes a great first impression. It boosts the curb appeal of any home and can help add value to the property.

In MAKI'sSWS door shop, we will hang and customize your door just the way you want it. Add a transom, add a side panel or two! The combinations are endless! It's just another in the long line of customer services that our SWS door and window shops offer.

MAKI's SWS window division in Gardner, MA manufactures quality vinyl patio doors as well as windows, fencing and railing.

MAKI Building Centers carry a full line of quality Gordon cellar doors and ProVia storm doors.

Doors are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Shop for framing lumber like a professional! Everything you need to know about framing, finish and composite woods is printed on the “grade stamp” (see below) which appears on all lumber sold at MAKI Building Centers.

All MAKI Building Centers locations have knowledgeable staff that can recommend the appropriate lumber for your project.

Framing Lumber stocked at all MAKI Building Centers Locations
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A deck or a screen/storm enclosure are extensions of your living space and a perfect place to enjoy summer cookouts, entertain guests, or just relax in the fresh air!

Ever since the colonists at Williamsburg discovered Southern Yellow Pine  lumber, this durable and versatile wood has been used in thousands of houses, decks, commercial buildings and other projects where strength, durability and beauty have been required. Today, we have many more deck surface options: Elements from Tamko | VekaDeck a PVC deck | Trex  composite decking  | TimberTech engineered decking | Mahogany decking | Cedar  decking

Once you have selected the deck surface that is right for you, we'll show you the right way to build it. 

Screen/storm enclosures feature a 1x1 white aluminum frame, with an 18” white aluminum kick panel, removable glass storm panel and a fiberglass screen panel. Enclosures are manufactured by SWS, MAKI's production facility in Gardner, MA. 

Decks are on display from April-October, at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Countertop options have come a long way. By combining form with function, they set a tone and a standard. Be it the classic elegance of Quartz, the sleek feel of solid surface or a colorful laminate, countertop options are almost endless.


Laminate is glued onto an inch-and-a half particleboard base and can be customized with finished edges that are beveled or curved-wood or laminate. Our laminate countertop vendors include:  Formica | WilsonArt  | Counterpro | Pionite


Solid Surface offers a seamless acrylic face with seams that are only visible from the underside. Sink and counter materials can be integrated to create a fluid graceful line.  Our premier solid surface vendor is: Staron


Quartz is a remarkable blend of mined quartz, one of the hardest minerals found in nature and polyester resin and pigment producing a non-porous surface that does not require sealing or polishing to maintain its luster and beauty. Our quartz vendors include: Staron | Caesarstone | Silestone | Hanstone

Our SWS countertop shop in Gardner, MA templates, produces and installs custom countertops.

Countertops are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Whether you're building your dream home or renovating one you’ve loved for years, there’s one solution for your homes exterior that will make it beautiful, durable and carefree-siding,  in vinyl, wood, fiber cement or metal. Gone are the days of limited choices in siding. Today's market offers a wide variety of colors and textures. 

The differentiation extends to trim products as well. With more choices in the marketplace and the option to mix and match siding and accessories, you can create an exterior for your home that lets your personality shine through while adding “curb appeal” to your property.

Siding is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.


Vinyl siding is the preferred siding of homeowners and contractors alike.  You want to choose a gauge of siding which means the strength of the siding. Most siding is offered from 0.40 to 0.48 inches. You also have to consider the grain of the siding. Vinyl siding has different grains, there are smooth grains and raised grains. Vinyl siding is also available in a wide assortment of colors with matching and complementing accessories which help retain architectural details that add to the character of the home.

The great thing about vinyl, is that when installed properly, it will hold up against any kind of weather. 

Vinyl siding is not susceptible to rot, weather damage or insect damage. Vinyl shutters, vinyl columns and rain gutter are also available.

Siding is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.


There are homes that are sided with wood. Wood is very solid and comes in many different types like Oak, Cherrywood, Maple or Pine just to name a few. Wood is very popular because people like the classic clean look of it. Wood siding offers a variety of appearances such as vertical siding, horizontal siding, clapboards, shakes and shingles.

Now, as beautiful as wood is, there is a major drawback to having it side your home, and that is the fact that wood rots. If you are planning to keep a wood home, then you must make sure that the wood is treated properly and sealed properly. Because any rot that occurs over time, will eventually rot away completely and it will have to be replaced.

Siding is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.


If you want the look of wood but don’t want the hassles and costs associated with it, fiber-cement siding may be a satisfactory alternative. This product is available in a variety of textures that provide the appearance of wood. Fiber-cement siding is more durable than wood - it is termite-resistant, water-resistant and non-combustible.

Fiber-cement siding is composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber that has been autoclaved (cured with pressurized steam) to increase its strength and dimensional stability.

The fiber is added as reinforcement to prevent cracking. The material is not “maintenance free” as it does require painting. However, because fiber cement does not expand and contract with the weather, paint adheres to it very well lasting longer than it would on wood siding.

Siding is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.


Durability and long lasting beauty make metal siding a superior choice for residential applications. You'll appreciate the value metal siding offers as the years accumulate with practically no maintenance or replacement costs.

Whether you want a sleek contemporary look, a classic traditional look or a rustic look for your country home or log cabin, MAKI's has the style and color you’re looking for.

Metal siding will withstand inclement weather, high winds, hail, snow and rain better than other sidings. Metal siding does not rot, warp, split or crack and is impervious to termites and pests.

Metal siding reflects and absorbs heat more efficiently than other sidings.

Siding is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.

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Doors do more than open and close, they're a part of your home's decor!

MAKI's has a wide selection of wood interior doors in a number of wood species and a complete line of MDF (medium density fiberboard) interior doors. Door slabs are available for the do-it-yourselfer. Our SWS Door Shop can hang your door in a jamb. Installation is also available.  Door units can be customized to fit your measurements and specifications. Your choice of hardware and glass can also be added. The possibilities are endless!  Installation is also available.

Log on to our vendors website. There you will find a host of original and very creative ideas:
SWS Door Shop | Masonite | LAG Design | Simpson Trustile

Wood and MDF molded or flush doors, solid or hollow core, stainable or paintable doors, bi-fold doors, french doors, pocket doors, MAKI's has what you are looking for.  

Doors are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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You want the highest quality products in your home, right? You want to be make sure that every part of your home is as good as it can be, including hidden areas behind your walls, floor, and roof. 

Many consumers are concerned when they see oriented strand board (OSB) being installed,  because it costs less and looks different than plywood, they feel like they are getting a lower quality product. You need not worry. Today's OSB has a comparable quality to plywood and is the better choice for some home projects. 

The three main applications of OSB and plywood are flooring, wall sheathing, and roof decking. Your choice of underlayment will depend on what you plan to cover the sheathing with. 

At MAKI Building Centers our sales staff will guide you through your product selection to be sure your time and money will be spent wisely

Plywood/OSB products are stocked at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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MAKI’s offers homeowners a variety of fence choices guaranteed to enhance the style of front yards, back yards and gardens. Choose from the traditional charm of wood. The crisp, clean look of an SWS  white or khaki vinyl privacy fence, the formal symmetry of a Regis  aluminum fence, the elegant look of a Gilpin  baked on, black finish, steel fence or Gilpin’s black, white or bronze aluminum fence. Any one of these fences can succeed in tying together all the landscaping and architectural features it surrounds. Matching railing is also available. 

MAKI’s offers a complete line of high quality fence and railing. Our vinyl fencing and railing is manufactured in our SWS  vinyl shop in Gardner, MA and can be customized.

Our SWS vinyl fences and railings are maintenance free in respect to painting, and they are available in a variety of designs and heights. 

Fencing and railing is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Any home can be enriched and enhanced with the installation of decorative moulding. You'll be amazed how your home can look more luxurious with the simple addition of wider casings, deeper baseboards, crown moulding and chair rail. Mouldings add warmth and character and provide a sense of order to a home.

Mouldings are manufactured in various materials, the two most common are wood and cellular PVC.

Our wood moulding vendors include: SWS | House of Fara  | Alexandria Moulding  | Ornamental Moulding  

Our cellular PVC moulding vendors include: SWS  |  Fypon  | Ultra-Flex Moulding  | Versatex Moulding | Resinart East

Be sure to check out the photo galleries (click above for direct gallery link) on our vendors websites for ideas and inspiration.

Mouldings are on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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You don't have to live in a mansion to have a beautiful stairway, all it takes is some planning to build the staircase of your dreams. Let the varied stairway designs in wood and metal in Crown Heritages, photo gallery give you inspiration.

Our SWS Millshed in Gardner MA specializes in custom shaped and sized stair treads in a wide variety of wood species. The SWS Millshedalso offers a very contemporary square oak baluster and newel staircase package.

Ideal Stair Parts has a full line of quality wood stair parts for building or repairing a staircase.

Looking for a space saving alternative? A spiral staircase might be the way to go. Mylen Stairsand The Iron Shop websites show a wide variety of spiral staircases.

MAKI's also carries Rainbow Attic Stairs which are available as telescoping attic extension ladders and folding attic ladders.

Some stair parts are stocked and others are special order, all are available through MAKI Building Centers.

Stair parts are stocked at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Turn a simple floor replacement into a serious home improvement.
At Maki Building Centers we offer you a wide variety of flooring options. Laminate Flooring-Offers a beautiful, durable and low maintenance option.  Ordinary vacuuming or sweeping is usually all it takes. Spills happen, but laminate floors take them in stride.  Our laminate flooring vendors include:
NRF  | Columbia Flooring

Hardwood Flooring-longevity and classic beauty are by-products of hardwood flooring... choose your style from an seemingly endless eye-catching array of woods, finishes and features. Our hardwood flooring vendors include: NRF  | Columbia Flooring 
| Ark | Teragren | Somerset

Engineered Flooring-the newest addition in flooring options is available in a wide variety of rich textures and offer hassle-free maintenance. Our engineered flooring vendors include: NRF  | Columbia Flooring  | QuickStep  | Lauzon 

Flooring is on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Engineered lumber does everything solid-sawn lumber does, except better! It's stronger, lighter, straighter and more stable. Engineered wood is made from quick growing, abundant species such as aspen, fir, pine and poplar that are processed into wood veneers or strands, coated with adhesive, compressed into large billets, dried, then sawn into standard lumber dimensions. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL), laminated strand lumber (LSL) & parallel strand lumber (PSL), are some of the types of engineered wood products.

Because engineered wood products are superior in strength, stability, and uniformity to standard lumber species of the U. S., headers and girders can be engineered for greater clear spans or to carry greater loads. Check with the MAKI Corp. Engineering Department if you have any questions on using engineered lumber products in place of the traditional dimensional lumber. You'll be glad you did!

Engineered lumber is stocked at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Why should you pay extra for professional grade tools or stick with a DIY quality tool?  Think about the convenience, durability and time saved with better tools. The educated consumer will realize that professional tools are built with better components. The motors, gears, transmissions, plastic housings, even the cords are better in a professional power tool and the professional tool will operate more smoothly. There will be much less chatter or vibration.

At MAKI’s we stock and service professional grade quality power tools from the leading tool manufacturers: Hitachi | Makita | DeWalt | Stanley Bostich | Bosch | Delta/Porter Cable | Milwaukee | Paslode | Freud Tools

When you work with the right power tools, you can be sure that the job gets done right the first time, saving you precious time and money.

Power tools stocked and on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations. 
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Whether you are looking for construction or home improvement supplies, MAKI Building Centers has what you are looking for. At MAKI’s you’ll find an extensive variety of respected, national name-brand products. From products to solve common problems, to products used in the construction of a new home, we can meet your needs. You will find a diverse line of hand and power tools, house wares, locksets, knobs and pulls, plumbing and electrical supplies, and painting supplies. MAKI’s also features seasonal lines including lawn and garden supplies, wood and pellet stoves.

At MAKI’s our sales staff pride themselves on knowing how to help and guide each customer with their quick fix it jobs and easy DIY projects.

For the contractor: At MAKI’s we have sales staff that are 100% dedicated to the contractor customers. If you need assistance, someone will be there to help you quickly. We know that time is money, and we’re here to help you build your business.

MAKI Building Centers is a Orgill Distributor.

Hand tools and hardware are stocked and on display at all MAKI Building Centers locations.
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Choosing the right paint is the first step for any painting project.


With the right interior paint, you can turn everyday rooms into extraordinary spaces. Energize outdated rooms with fresh design concepts. Invigorate your bedroom with a fresh new perspective. Plus, changing interior paint colors can be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of any room.


Great décor doesn't need to stay inside. Turn your homes exterior, your decks and your porches into reflections of your lifestyle.  Breathe new life into outdoor spaces with a quality exterior paint or stain makeover.


At MAKI’s we carry two top-of-line paints

*Benjamin Moore **California Paint  
*Benjamin Moore is carried in our Sterling, MA location only
**California Paint is carried in our Lunenburg, MA and our Gardner, MA retail stores.


we carry premium quality stains: Cabot | Minwax


and a full line of brushes, rollers and sundries etc. from Wooster, Shurline and Purdy, primer fromKilz, and spray paints from Krylon.

Check out our vendors website for ideas and inspiration!
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Performance advances mean energy savings!

Insulation products are a staple in new home or remodeling projects. At MAKI's we recognize the value of energy efficiency and the need to control energy costs. Last winter's fuel bills, this summer's gasoline prices and heightened awareness of global warming have made energy efficiency everyone's job. Adding insulation not only saves money, it also impacts the long-term effects on energy and the environment that it can produce.

Insulation also plays a role in in home acoustics, reducing room-to-room noise. Insulation aids acoustics in two ways, by plugging air leaks that cause noise to travel from room to room, and by providing more mass in the wall to prevent reverberation. 

A variety of energy saving insulation products are in stock at all MAKI Building Centers.
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For windows, doors, lumber, sheetrock, metal framing, flooring, decking, countertops, siding, roofing, and more, MAKI products consistently meet the high standards our customers expect from our full service building centers and lumber yards. Products that deliver high-performance.


MAKI’s purchasing agents impose strict manufacturing standards on the vendors they buy from, because of a vested interest in making sure that the products that are delivered are exactly what our customers expect.  It is this partnership with the manufacturers that ensure our customers receive high-quality building materials at the best pricing possible.


MAKI’s line of building materials make a visual impact with lasting performance. Have a question on a product or looking for more information, please call a MAKI Building Centers location.  Click here to explore the wide range of building materials from MAKI Building Centers for yourself. 


A wide variety of building materials are stocked at all MAKI Building Center locations.
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